Business Texting FAQ

Text messaging already dominates many consumers' time, with billions of texts sent daily. Smart businesses meet their customers wherever they are, whether virtually or in person. With a toll-free or local number from Kall8, you can get a head start on the competition and connect directly with current and potential customers.

What is Business Texting?

Business texting can describe any way a company could use SMS messaging to grow their profits, whether that’s lead generation, advertising or customer service. Organizations have found a variety of ways to get creative with their business texting, from using it as a part of a product launch to appointment reminders for clients.
Text message marketing, a segment of business texting, is when organizations use texting to get the word out about a promotion or other update to their customers. Text messaging marketing can be a great addition to an integrated marketing plan and an easy way for your customers to feel connected to your business.
If done right, text message marketing and business texting will allow you to make connections to customers that feel authentic and translate to increased sales.

What are the Benefits of Business Texting?

Business texting is a great way to define your brand, inform customers, and ensure their needs are met. By adding texting to your toll-free or local number, you increase your capabilities in the following:


With so much competition out there for customers' time, money, and attention, creating a winning brand strategy can go a long way toward defining yourself and standing out. Text updates give your business another avenue to demonstrate a clear voice that customers will respond to. Whether you want to demonstrate a knack for creativity and wit or an emphasis on professionalism and results, business texting helps your business show the world what it's all about.

Customer Service

Providing quality service is all about connecting to your customers and ensuring their needs are met in a timely fashion. What better way to do that than by text? Texting allows you to do easy, casual follow-ups with your customers and ensure any problems are fixed. If a customer’s needs can’t be met over text exclusively, a toll-free number allows you to switch over to a call with ease.

Advertising Campaigns

Perhaps the most common use for business texting is as a part of a larger marketing strategy. Texting is a convenient way to let your customers know about any special promotions, coupons, or new products you have. Campaigns can be customized for either a broad audience or targeted for a select group, allowing for a more personalized touch compared to other marketing mediums.
In addition to reaping major benefits, business texting is intuitive and easy to set up. With Kall8’s services you can view and reply to messages directly from either your inbox or account management tool of your choice. That means integrating business texting with your current marketing strategy is far easier than you’d expect.
In addition to being easy to use on a day-to-day basis, business texting can be set up in minutes. Just use the vanity search feature to find your perfect number. From there, all you need to do is fill out our online application to register your number of choice. Any Kall8 toll-free or local number you already have can also be text-enabled.

Finding the Right Number for Your Business Needs

If you want to see what business texting can do to help you grow, or want to expand your business capabilities, you need a provider you can depend on. Trust the best - with Kall8.
We’ve been a provider for 30 years and we're still growing. Today, we service and support over 20,000 entities, from small businesses looking to acquire new leads, to major corporations. In addition to offering toll-free numbers, our team can provide account management tools and enhanced services like lead management, call recording, address lookup and virtual PBX.
With Kall8, you can get results that you can see and analyze in real time.

Instantly Activate Your Own Toll Free Number

With Kall8, you can instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online.

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