Kall8 Rates

Service from Kall8 is pay-as-you-go. There are no confusing packages, no hidden fees, and no monthly minimums to maintain your number. Monthly rates for on-line features are listed below. Click the tab below for the per minute rates.

Toll Free Numbers - USA/Canada

Number Type Setup Monthly Description
877, 866, 855, 844 $2 $2 Standard USA Toll Free Numbers View Numbers
800, 888 $5 $5 Standard USA Toll Free 800 and 888 Numbers View Numbers
Repeater $5 $5 Repeater numbers are easily remembered numbers with repeating digits that can increase advertising response rates and boost sales. Examples include: 1-866-286-1111, 1-877-658-1212, etc. View Numbers
Vanity $15+ $15+ Vanity numbers increase company and brand name recognition, and enhance image. The numbers translate into a word, name, or acronym spelled out on a numeric touch pad. Examples include: 1-866-4-VOYAGE and 1-877-GOT-MILK. View Numbers
Premium $25+ $25+ Premium numbers usually begin with the 800 area code and are valued for being easy to remember. Examples include: 1-800-333-1111 and 1-800-333-1234. View Numbers
National Database Search $49.99 $2 Search the National Toll Free Number Database for a specific word or number combination free of charge! You can search for up to 10 numbers at a time and can use any combination of numbers, letters, and wildcards to find your perfect number. View Numbers

Local Numbers - USA

Number Type Setup Monthly Description
Local Numbers $5 $5 Standard USA Local Numbers View Numbers

Toll Free and Local Numbers - USA/Canada

Number Type Per-Minute Rate Description
Toll Free Numbers 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 800 numbers of all kinds including Searched numbers, Repeaters, Vanity, and Premium Kall8 numbers. View Numbers
Local Numbers Local USA numbers. View Numbers

Offshore Surcharges

Location Per-Minute Surcharge
Alaska $0.07
Hawaii $0.07
Puerto Rico $0.21
US Virgin Islands $0.21
Guam $0.32
Saipan $0.71

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