Enhanced Services - Hunt Groups

Distribute calls to multiple numbers by listing them in a hunt group.

Hunt Group Types

Follow Me (Linear)

Hunting always begins at the top of the number list and hunts down the list in order until the call is answered or all numbers have been attempted. Ideal for people who have multiple phone numbers to receive their calls wherever they are.

Call Distribution (Circular)

Hunting begins with the next number on the list after the number that answered the previous call. Perfect for balancing between agents in a call center or for multiple businesses sharing an advertising effort.

Options & Rates

  • Choose an initial greeting
  • Select what the caller hears while hunting is in progress
  • Set a maximum hunting time limit
  • Choose an end of hunt option if the call is not answered
  • Deactivate/reactivate hunt group numbers online

A hunt group of five numbers is just $5 to set up and $5 per month. Additional numbers are 50¢ each per month.

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