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Service from Kall8 is pay-as-you-go. There are no confusing packages, no hidden fees, and no monthly minimums to maintain your number. Monthly rates for on-line features are listed below. Click the tab below for the per minute rates.

Monthly RatesPer-Minute Rates

Toll Free Numbers - USA/Canada

Number Type Setup Monthly Description
877, 866, 855, 844 $2 $2 Standard USA Toll Free Numbers (view numbers)
800, 888 $5 $5 Standard USA Toll Free 800 and 888 Numbers (view numbers)
Repeater $5 $5 Repeater numbers are easily remembered numbers with repeating digits that can increase advertising response rates and boost sales. Examples include: 1-866-286-1111, 1-877-658-1212, etc. (view numbers)
Vanity $15+ $15+ Vanity numbers increase company and brand name recognition, and enhance image. The numbers translate into a word, name, or acronym spelled out on a numeric touch pad. Examples include: 1-866-4-VOYAGE and 1-877-GOT-MILK. (view numbers)
Premium $25+ $25+ Premium numbers usually begin with the 800 area code and are valued for being easy to remember. Examples include: 1-800-333-1111 and 1-800-333-1234. (view numbers)
National Database Search $49.99 $2 Search the National Toll Free Number Database for a specific word or number combination free of charge! You can search for up to 10 numbers at a time and can use any combination of numbers, letters, and wildcards to find your perfect number. (view numbers)

Local Numbers - USA

Number Type Setup Monthly Description
 Local Numbers $5 $5 Standard USA Local Numbers (view numbers)
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